Dear Pro-life friends,

Sometimes when God does something wonderful we just feel like sharing it with everyone!!!!

We have experienced a miracle today! The day started off a bit scattered because I had forgot the ‘Helpers’ fliers and the posters we usually have.

So I decided to pray the Holy Rosary near the entrance to the clinic while R. and Dr. D.  prayed on the other side. I know Christina was at home praying she started at 11:30 and perhaps many others praying at home and church also.

Dr. D gave me about 10 Miraculous Medals to hand out since I had no ‘Helpers’ papers.  My intention for this day was ‘Please Lord at least save one baby here today.  I don’t need to know it has happened, but please save at least just one baby!’

As we prayed I offered people passing by to stop and talk and offered miraculous Medals and many were happy to take one, but as I got near the end of the prayer I was down to one medal.  I thought I should save it in case someone really needed it or I could give it back to Dr. D.

Only a few moments later a woman came out and stood near the entrance, I slowly approached her and she said to me, indicating my Rosary beads ‘Could you pray for me?’ She was very shaky and a bit tearful, I said ‘Sure, what is your name?’  She replied, ‘A…..I like your Angel pin.’  I was wearing a silver Angel pin on my coat that a friend had given me. I also had Our Lady of Guadalupe on a pin next to that and I started telling her about how Our Lady converted almost all of Mexico and how they were offering human sacrifice at that time.

She was interested, but then she asked about the 3rd pin I was wearing also; the tiny feet pin. ‘I said, oh yes this is the actual size of a 10 week old baby in the womb’ She started crying! I kept going saying how amazing it is that even at that small they have a heart beat and unique fingerprints.

She started crying more and I asked her if she was OK.  She said ‘I just found out I am 10 weeks pregnant right now’. I said ‘Congratulations, that’s wonderful’ and I asked her if I could give her a hug, she hugged me very firmly.

She revealed to me that she was coming into the clinic today for the abortion pill and found out she could not take the pill as she was too far on in the pregnancy.  She was debating having a surgical abortion, but she chose to keep her baby!  She said when she saw the pin of the baby feet she knew then, for sure, she had made the right decision! She gave me a good long hug and said ‘Don’t ever take that pin off’! 

I gave her my last miraculous medal and she walked off hugging her partner tightly. So in keeping with my promise to pray for her I dropped to my knees right there and prayed for her to continue choosing life and for strength in the hard times and for her health and for the health of her baby! And thanked God for saving that baby today and may that baby and parents go on to glorify the Lord!

I ask that we all continue to pray for A. and her baby and the father and thank God for this miracle!!!