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The Property Committee  oversees the fabric of all the church buildings, all of which are A-listed.  Major works projects are put out to tender, while some parishioners volunteer to do smaller jobs requiring only payment for materials.

The Property Committee is responsible for the upkeep of the property; day-to-day maintenance and periodic inspection and testing of the various installed systems.  The Committee members and their assigned responsibilities are as follows:

         Ex officio 
Fr Kevin Douglas

John Wastle

         Church and presbytery heating systems
John Smith and Angus MacKellaig

         Fire alarms & emergency lighting systems
Bill Douglas

         Miscellaneous minor works   
Bruce Royan

Ministry under review

Contact: John Wastle     Tel: 0131 447 3442

Reports & Works Schedules

Works Schedule Jan – April 2021 (PDF)

Works Schedule 2020 (PDF)

St Peter’s – Schedule of Works 2019 (PDF)

St Peter’s  Report of Works Jan – June 2019 (PDF)

St Peter’s  Report of Works Completed 2018 (PDF)Sitemap