Fairtrade logo

St Peter’s is a Fairtrade Parish, committed to using Fairtrade tea, coffee, wine, and where possible, other Fairtrade products at parish meetings and social events. During the year we hold a number of events such as Fairtrade Afternoon Teas and raffling Fairtrade hampers. We mark Fairtrade Fortnight with a special event each year.

The Fairtrade system guarantees Fairtrade producers that they will receive:

  • A price which covers the cost of production.
  • The payment of a social premium to make improvements in the local community.
  • A long term contract offering regular wages and prices.

Fairtrade works with cooperatives to cut out the middleman and to keep more money in the community.

Support the Fairtrade events held in the Parish or Diocese. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday after mass knowing that you are helping to ensure a just wage for a developing world producer. Look out for and choose goods with the Fairtrade logo when shopping.

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