Engaged couples are invited to prepare for marriage through St Peter’s Marriage Preparation course. It is  conducted by two marriage catechists and Deacon John Smith.

The day takes approximately four  hours with a lunch break half way through, giving the couples the opportunity to socialise with each other.

The couples receive information on marriage as a Sacrament, the covenant of marriage and the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage and family life in addition to helpful tips on communication within marriage and information on the wedding ceremony itself.

There are many break out groups, giving couples the opportunity to discuss their personal views and to feed these back to the larger group if they wish.

We receive very positive feedback from the couples, who genuinely enjoy “getting down to the basics” of what marriage is all about when they are often caught up in a frenzy of choosing dresses, flowers, photographers etc.

Most couples we see consist of one Catholic and one of another or no religion. The non-Catholics appreciate the opportunity to learn a little more about the Catholic faith and are reassured by the preparation.

If any couple wishes to take part please contact Fr Kevin Douglas  after Mass

If you are getting married at a church in the Archdiocese you must give the parish priest at least six months’ notice and you will need to attend a marriage preparation course.

Course details and dates can be found at bit.ly/ArchMarriagePrep2021-22

https://archedinburgh.org/ pastoral-governance/marriage-families/.
Alternatively, email irene.furlong@staned.org.uk (0131 623 8900).
Marriage course are currently taking place on Zoom.


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Contact Marriage Preparation Team

Those wishing to do marriage preparation and be married  in either St.Peter’s  or St.Columba’s parishes should in the first instance talk with Deacon John Smith after Mass or Fr Douglas.

You should be in touch with your parish priest at least six months before getting married or making any preparations. A Marriage Preparation Course is a requirement for those wishing to get married in the Catholic Church. Your parish priest will give you guidance on how to do the preparation and which course to use. As one of the options, there is a course run by the Archdiocese which seeks to lead couples to a greater understanding of God’s plan for marriage and his call to live this beautiful vocation.

Course details and dates can be found at bit.ly/ArchMarriagePrep2021-22

Events for married/engaged couples

The Archdiocese is hosting events for married and engaged couples in the lead-up to the 10th World Meeting of Families (Rome 22-26 June 2022). These events are for couples to come before the Lord together in reflection on the beautiful Catholic vision of marriage and family life, thanksgiving for the gift of this calling and prayer for the blessing of their love.

Register at bit.ly/ArchEventbrite<https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/archdiocese-of-st-andrews-amp-edinburgh-18333988801>

4.00-5.30pm – Testimony & Holy Hour with Anton & Angela Colella.
*   Sunday 8 May 2022, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh,

3.00-5.30pm – Afternoon Retreat with Brian and Maureen Devine.
*   Wednesday 18 May 2022, St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh,

7.00pm – Mass for Married and Engaged Couples.

Parish Policy on Marriages

If you wish to arrange a marriage  the parish now requires a written letter addressed to Fr Douglas stating the following:-

1) the date and time proposed

2) the church: St Peter’s or St Columba’s

3) a return address that can be either a postal address or  an email address

4) whether this will be a  Nuptial Mass or simple marriage ceremony.


Until the couple have had a reply from Fr Douglas the date is not to be considered confirmed.