Under the umbrella of Outreach Justice and Peace we work together to promote the social teaching of the church.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • Helping the homeless through Fresh Start
  • Supporting the Church’s work in developing counties by supporting SCIAF supporting workers in the developing world
  • Maintaining  our status as a Fairtrade Parish, maintaining our commitment to the environment through our  status as an Eco Congregation.
  • In addition we support the parish Eco Congregation Group and SVDP group and other areas of justice and peace when asked.
  • Lobbing local politicians through letter writing, petitions and meetings

Used Stamp Collecting

The Justice & Peace Group at St Columbia’s have asked if St Peter’s parishioners would like to support the Kiltegan Fathers in Stirling by collecting used stamps. This is a very simple way to raise funds. The Outreach Group will leave a box at the back of the church for donations. Please leave ½inch of paper round the stamp. If foreign stamps have a clear/notable franking mark leave intact. Old stamps have excellent value.

Norma Daniels Emm 447 7900