Justice and Peace

We aim to promote Catholic Social Teaching through campaigning on issues of justice in Scotland, the UK and the wider world. Our main activities are:
  • Responding to a range of justice and peace issues when these arise.
  • In addition we support the parish Eco Congregation Group when needed.


St Peter’s is a Fairtrade Parish committed to using Fairtrade products at parish meetings and social events. We promote Fairtrade Fortnight and hold other Fairtrade events throughout the Year. Fairtrade works with small scale farmers and workers living in the world’s poorest places to ensure that they receive a fair price for their work and that their communities benefit from this.

Used Stamp Collecting

The Justice & Peace Group at St Columbia’s have asked if St Peter’s parishioners would like to support the Kiltegan Fathers in Stirling by collecting used stamps. This is a very simple way to raise funds. The Outreach Group will leave a box at the back of the church for donations. Please leave ½inch of paper round the stamp. If foreign stamps have a clear/notable franking mark leave intact. Old stamps have excellent value.

Norma Daniels Emm 447 7900