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Ignatian Spirituality Centre Glasgow.


God’s invitation to relationship
(an introduction to ways of praying)

A six week short prayer course to support people into a deeper prayer life through tutors’ input,  guided prayer experience and sharing.

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Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living (GPRL)

This course aims to help people to pray and live reflectively by offering an opportunity to explore faith, discover meaning, and come to a deeper relationship with God.

For whom is the course intended?

The course is intended for those of different denominations and none. No particular ability in prayer is required, only a desire for God.

Course Content

  • Different ways of praying taken from Ignatian, Celtic and other spiritual traditions.
  • Awareness of our different perceptions of God. The use of a journal and the value of self-awareness as aids to reflective living.
  • Prayer experienced through music, art and movement.
  • An introduction to Ignatian discernment, through which a person may come to make choices which celebrate the unique giftedness conferred on them by the Creator.


The method is experience-based and reflective.  It will move on line  next session until it is safe to meetin in person.

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Ignatian Spirituality Centre Glasgow GPRL