ISC Lent Online Retreat 2021

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

‘Knowing Jesus’, is a retreat open to all who are interested in getting to know Jesus better. Christian tradition believes that the person of Jesus Christ reveals God to us. If we are to follow Christ and imitate him, we need to know him through his words and actions as shown in the Gospels.
Walk  through Lent and Easter and really come to understand and love Jesus. You  will ponder Gospel stories, reflect on their meaning and see how startlingly relevant Jesus is to living a truly human life in the 21st Century.
This retreat, produced in Scotland by the Society of Jesus – Jesuits . 

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“Be Drawn to Christ”


17th February to 24th March 2021

Carmelite Priory

From earliest times Christianity has celebrated its sensitivity towards the redemptive work of Christ in its liturgy. The season of Lent is that liturgical season calling powerfully to each Christian to renew the gift of baptism into Christ’s death so as to live anew by the power of his resurrection. Christians journey 40 days and nights imitating Jesus’ desert experience. It is a season when the Christian community responds to the call to trust God more intentionally in a spirit of togetherness…. read more

As part of the Retreat – Guided Session Options via Zoom

We are able to offer a number of Individually Guided Session (IGS) and Group Guided Sessions (GGS) through Zoom for a very affordable fee.

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Individually Guided Sessions (IGS) or Group Guided Sessions (GGS)
Places are LIMITED.  Times and dates will be confirmed upon enquiry.


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Growing back together

A Lent retreat over seven sessions
in collaboration with Sacred Space, written by Margaret Silf.




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