green tabernacle and lecturn

Return of Celebration of the Eucharist

  • The limit of 50 people at Mass will be adhered to strictly. Given that it is difficult to publicise this in advance it is possible that people will be turned away at the door of the church.



Sunday Mass times St Peter’s

  • Saturday evening Vigil 5.30pm St. Peter’s
  • Sunday Morning 11.30am St. Peter’s

Sunday Mass times St Columba’s 

  • Sunday Morning 9.30am St. Columba’s
  • Sunday Evening 6.30 St. Columba’s

Weekday Mass

The Bishops of Scotland have NOT reimposed the Sunday obligation, but if you wish to attend Mass it is essential that the conditions below are observed.

  1. Social distancing is to be carefully observed;
  2. Face-coverings are compulsory for those attending church (except under-5s);
  3. A maximum attendance of 50 people per service is being imposed for now, but this will be reviewed on 30th July;
  4. For each Mass, the parish is to retain details of names and contact details of all attendees. (Please note this is for track and trace purposes and if there is a case of covid-19 in the church this will have ramifications for those who attend that Mass).
  5. Mass will NOT be celebrated in St. Peter’s during the week. All public weekday Masses will be at St. Columba’s. Visit updates on this situation on the Property page
  6. Vigil Mass and Sunday Mass will be held at St Peter’s until the central heating work commences –  PLEASE BOOK ON LINE.
  7. There will be no pass-keepers, music ministry, Eucharistic ministers or lay readers.
  8. Mass will be celebrated in a brief but dignified fashion with no homily.


We will need volunteers to help clean the church after visitors have left and to make sure social distancing rules are being applied.

As per the Archdiocesan instructions, volunteers must be between 18-69 years of age and with no underlying health conditions. If you are willing to volunteer please complete the forms (noted elsewhere in this newsletter) and return them to me as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

Fr. Kevin

Please volunteer


  • Application Form A for CURRENT  volunteers June 2020 (DOC)
    • This form is for current parish volunteers who have completed all stages of safe recruitment and hold a Diocesan letter of approval.
      If you do not have a current role in your parish with children and vulnerable groups, please complete Form B
  • Application Form B for NEW volunteers June 2020 (DOC)
    • This form is for new parish volunteers who do NOT have a current role in the parish involving regulated work with children and vulnerable groups.
      If you DO have a current role in your parish with children and vulnerable groups, please complete Form A