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7pm Mondays 



  • Booking instructions LIMIT 70 DAILY

    • Click the link below  for the Mass you wish to attend  This will take you to the Eventbrite booking website
    • Check you are looking at the right date and time for the Mass you wish to attend
    • Click ‘Register’ 
    • Select the number of tickets you need (4 is the maximum but if you have more than 4 people just make 2 bookings) 
    • C lick ‘Register’ 
    • Enter your contact details as the person organising the booking.  (This is needed for Track & Trace.)
    •  Click ‘Register’. 
    • Your next screen will say “Thanks for your order!” and confirm details of the Mass you’re going to. 
    •  You’ll also receive an email to confirm the booking. It might take a few minutes for the email to arrive; but if it does not arrive, check your Junk / Spam folder just in case. 

    If you do not need the place once it is booked please let us know as tickets are scarce.
    Contact Mary Wastle 447 3442 or wastles@btinternet.com